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Discover the High-Level Tactics and Strategies A-Players Use To Dominate Amazon and Rake in the Cash
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to the Illuminati Mastermind Live Conference Event
Join us at the ONLY High-Level Private Label training/networking event in the world where our speakers include:
The first seller on Amazon to do $1 Million dollars in sales in 24 hours and then backed this up by also being the first seller to generate $10 Million dollars in sales in a month.
The first person to help launch more than 25 products that each did over $1 Million in sales, and more than 100 more products that each did over $100,000 in sales.
The only person we know that has pushed over 10,000 mid to high level keywords to page 1 on Amazon in 90 days.
A speaker who's used more funding options than anybody we have seen, to grow his business to 7 figures QUICKLY. And yes, he's even dealt with the Mafia. Pick his brain at the bar!
 And another half dozen speakers that will unveil it all on stage, in the Riviera Maya, Mexico.  
You're Invited to A Very Exclusive Private Event
On May 21st through May 24th, the Illuminati Mastermind Live Conference will take place for 75 high level sellers.
If you sell products on Amazon and want to attend the best private label networking opportunity on the planet, and learn incredible strategies that have contributed to hundreds of millions of dollars in sales for the speakers and guests that are attending, this is the place to be.
You Will Get...
72 Hours of
World-Class Networking
2 Full Days of Advanced Training
And a Ton of Fun While Doing It All
By the time you leave the Illuminati Mastermind Live Conference, you'll know how to:
Use a special formula to get page 1 rankings for almost any keyword phrase
Increase traffic and sales via video marketing
Rank higher and go multi-channel with incredible adwords strategies
Take your business to the next level with 20 off-Amazon hacks
Discover "opportunity" keywords and search phrases for SUPER FAST organic Rankings
Optimize and rank videos so they get found in search
Use tactics that $10 Million dollar sellers are using to launch and build new businesses
Use Facebook CORRECTLY to drive massive traffic to your products
Build a niche email list quickly to maximize profitability
Build a list and get instant sales with text messaging like you've never seen    
If you're sourcing products, you will learn how to:
Go after seasonal products like a boss, and know exactly when to source and rank those products
Create purchase orders like a pro
Ask 25 questions to get that perfectly sourced product
Find the right sourcing agent that will simplify your life
Looking For Something Edgy?
You'll Learn How To:
Exploit a secret YouTube bug to steal away Amazon traffic and send it to your ecommerce funnels.
Use an Amazon loophole that allows you to create mini landing pages with a Crazy Headline right on their website.
Want more?
You'll learn how to:
Harness the power of reciprocation
Elevate your brand in a new way
Use language patterns to create a desired outcome
Find viral content that helps you sell more product
That is just some of the content scheduled to be unleashed at the Illuminati Mastermind Live Event... for you and 74 other people!
The Power of Networking
By the time the event ends, your head should be spinning with ideas, but our hope is that you will also be walking away with new life-long friends and lots of new contacts that can help you and your business grow. 
We have made special arrangements during the event to help facilitate networking, so that when you leave, you can say it was the best networking event you have ever been to.
It's important to note that there is no better way of making a great connection than being face to face with a business owner. And getting to know somebody at our event could open a floodgate of opportunities where you are invited to other groups, masterminds, and private events. You may even find a few new business partners.
The Illuminati Mastermind Live Conference is All-Inclusive

Fly in to Cancun and we'll take it from there. We cover your airport pickup and return.

We’ll have staff waiting for you just outside the terminal to ensure your airport transfer to the hotel is as stress-free as possible. On the last day, we’ll also have a shuttle waiting to take you from the resort back to the airport.

We pay for your amazing room at the resort.

We’ve secured a luxury suite in the El Dorado Royale Resort just for you. Allow yourself to relax before and after the training events and lose yourself in the indescribable bliss of the Riviera Maya shores. 

We have your breakfast, lunch, and dinners covered every day and night.

Jumpstart your senses with an invigorating breakfast at any of the 22 bars and restaurants in the resort. Recharge your body and mind with a great selection of lunch options, and reward yourself with a delectable dinner overlooking the ocean.

All the cocktails and beverages are on us -- drink up!

Let go of your inhibitions and unleash your inner Illuminati. As the old adage says: “The deals happen at the bar.” So enjoy free drinks on us, let the networking flow and share in the good times with fellow attendees.

Check out the nightly entertainment to relax.

If the bar scene is not your thing, there’s plenty of other things to do in El Dorado Royale Resort. A nightly show will allow you to unwind after a highly productive day of learning and networking.
Trip Advisor voted our host resort, the El Dorado Royale, as one of the Top 100 resorts in the world.  It's an amazing adult-only venue with more than 22 restaurants and bars.

You'll be networking and amassing incredible knowledge, but you will also have the opportunity to be pampered.
May 21 - Check in, get your badge and schedule, and then join us for a private social.  Plan to arrive before 5PM so you don't miss anything.

May 22 - The event begins. Get ready to learn!

May 23 - Another full day of learning and networking.

May 24 - Check out, head home, and start applying what you learned.
6 Good Reasons Why You Must Attend!

Reason 1:

Learn advanced strategies and tactics from people actually in the trenches doing this every day. Nothing is regurgitated and nothing is theory. What we are teaching are strategies that every speaker uses to enhance their business. Too often you have trainers that teach, but they don't necessarily do or use what they are teaching. What you will learn at the Illuminati Mastermind Live Conference is fresh and being used today to crush it.

Reason 2:

You are about to join what we think will be the best Mastermind ever. Every paid Illuminati Mastermind Event attendee will be given access to our private online Mastermind group. After the event is over, we will all be able to stay in touch, talk about what was learned, and continue to help one another out.  

This is worth 10X the value of the event in our opinion, as the information will continue to pour in long after the event is over.

We want our Mastermind group members to dominate their niches, and once you have attended, you're in!

Reason 3:

Networking, networking, and networking. What you learn from our speakers is just the beginning. What you learn after 6pm in the evening, or during lunch, your breaks, and other times where you are talking to other attendees... that is where magic happens.

We have set up a few things that will make it easy for you to network with more people than is normally afforded at other conferences. We can't wait to show you what we have planned.

You'll make friends, and hopefully many of them. Some of the connections you will make over the 3 nights there will last you the rest of your life -- that is our hope.  

It's always good to talk to other people who are doing well in this space and get a perspective on your business from their point of view. We may not want to hear, but hearing suggestions from others that are doing well may open your eyes to improvement or new opportunities.  

One conversation over dinner or at the bar with the right person could potentially double your business.

And don't underestimate what you know. You being at the event and paying the fee to get in shows that you are serious, and a strategy you take for granted might be the enormous gold nugget that another attendee you are speaking to is seeking. We're all here to help each other.

All the mentors at the Illuminati Mastermind event are people that Manny Coats has either met in person at a live event, mastermind, or who he is connected to and speaks with online. They are the best of the best, and you'll be rubbing elbows with them and all the attendees.

Reason 4:

Some of this content we prefer to not make public. There are a few reasons for this, but one of the most important reasons is that some of these strategies work incredibly well for the few that employ it.    

If we have all 75 Illuminati Mastermind Conference attendees employing the tactics, that is fine. However, if some of this information were to get out and thousands of people started using it, the effectiveness of some of these strategies could dwindle.

But it also flips the other way. When we teach something, there will always be people in our small mastermind that tweak the strategy and make it better and share it with our members in our online mastermind group. On a small scale like we're doing, this helps everybody.

This is also why we enforce a strict Non-Disclosure policy and why everybody that attends must sign an NDA.

Reason 5:

There will be no replays or full-session recordings available after the event. Only those that attend live will get the tremendous value that will be offered. While we may shoot a few seconds of video or volunteered testimonials, none of the full content will be available later.  

I've been to events where the video camera is always running, and I feel like I can't say everything I want to, because I know I am being recorded and it could be shared. So, we have made the decision that this ninja content will be done live without a camera being in the room the whole time.

Reason 6:

Relax and enjoy! You will be at an incredible resort that's all inclusive. Your resort suite, you breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks are all paid for. We even cover your cocktails.

Trip Advisor says it best when it rates the El Dorado Royale as one of the top 100 resorts in the world. Come learn and network, but also enjoy the scenery, the nightly shows, the exotic location, the massages on the beach, and of course all the food and drinks you want from 22 different restaurants and bars.

It's an adult-only resort, so those parents looking to get away from the kids for a few days and relax, this is where you want to be. If you're coming solo but would like to bring your significant other to stay with you in your room, please let us know and we can help you make the necessary arrangements.

The resort is just a short drive from Cancun, and you can choose to extend your stay and book some amazing activities. There is a ton to do in the Riviera Maya. For example:   

Scuba diving, snorkeling, wildlife tours, exploring underwater Cenotes, spelunking, zip-lining, traditional surfing, wind and kite surfing, climbing tours, archeology tours, jungle tours, horseback riding, ATV off road experiences, visiting the Mayan ruins, shark diving, jet skiing, fishing, boat tours, paddle boarding, dolphin and whale watching, swimming with dolphins, city tours, bike tours, hiking, helicopter tours, sky diving, kayaking, and more! 
Secure Your Ticket Today!
"Opportunities are like sunrises. If you wait too long, you miss them." William Arthur Ward
The time has come for you to decide to join us.  There are only 75 spots total and before this page went live we had already sold about half of them. 

You’ve read this far, so you know this is the right move for your business. 

Now you just need to MAKE THE DECISION to secure your spot by clicking the button below.

See you there!

The Illuminati Mastermind Team
Our Illuminati Speaker Lineup
Manny Coats
Manny Coats made his first $1,000,000 on Amazon just 9 months after starting, and is the host of the AMPM Podcast. He has been involved in online businesses since 1999, wetting his toes by creating the world’s largest and most visited humor site, TwistedHumor.com

Over the next 14 years he founded or co-founded a number of successful companies involved with online marketing and sales, as well as PC software and an affiliate network. In 2013 he started several mobile game development companies which he still runs today.  

In late 2015, he jumped into the Amazon Private Label business after tons of research and networking. All of his previous 16 years of experience have helped mold this new business — everything from his online marketing and sales businesses to the insanely aggressive search-optimization tactics involved with marketing mobile games.

Manny is a speaker at various high-level events, and he's the mastermind and founder of Helium 10, Serious Software Tools for Smart Amazon Sellers. Adding to this list, Manny has put together one of the largest communities of Amazon Sellers on Amazon, the "FBA High Rollers group" with nearly 20,000 members. Manny , and his goal is to hit $4 million in sales by the end of 2017
Kevin King
Kevin King has been an entrepreneur his entire life. It's been 30 years since he last received a paycheck from someone else.He was named one of the Top 40 Direct Marketers under 40, has been quoted in the New York Times, USA Today, the Wall Street Journal and has appeared on shows such as Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, Inside Edition and Entertainment Tonight.

Kevin has been involved in e-commerce since 1995, running his own physical product-based sites and selling on eBay and Amazon since 1999. He has created, developed and guided hundreds of products from inception to market. In 2015, he started five private label brands on Amazon. Together those brands have grossed more than $1,000,000.00. His goal is to reach $4,000,000.00 per year by the end of 2017. Kevin has expanded out to other channels such as Wal-mart.com and is about to expand to Europe.

Manny calls Kevin "a walking encyclopedia of Amazon and Marketing." Kevin is a devote student of marketing and FBA selling, absorbing as much as he can from every source possible. He is not afraid to try anything to see what works. 

Kevin is in the trenches every day grinding. He speaks from experience, not parroting what others say. Any advice or tips he receives are considered suspect until he tests them himself. He will get you to think outside of the box and be a general with your own money-spewing drummer instead of a foot soldier following in the wake of a bunch of pooing horses.

Casey Gauss
Co-founding Viral Launch at 21, Casey has been leveraging his passions for tech, learning, helping others, and “building cool things” to bring Viral Launch to a company of 23 that has had the privilege of helping grow thousands of Amazon private label businesses from small private label sellers just getting started, to Fortune 500's, to a private labeler with nearly $100 million in sales in 2016. 

He’s currently nose to- the-grind in his obsession for Amazon market philosophy and helping more Amazon businesses achieve success in increasing capacities.
Dave & Mary Kettner
Mary Kettner has been working full time from home as an Internet marketer since October 2010 with her husband Dave. 

Dave Kettner has been doing Internet marketing since 1998 and full time since May 2009. Together they have achieved great successes creating several multiple million dollar businesses. They began selling their own private label products on Amazon in October 2013 and took it to almost $2,000,000 in sales in their first full year in 2014. 

Since, they have continually been growing this business to well over $5,000,000 in sales on Amazon while branching out to diversify their product sales outside of Amazon. 

Mary has become highly proficient using Facebook Advertising and social media marketing while Dave has spent a lot of time teaching others how to achieve success marketing their own product business on Amazon and by using ninja Internet marketing techniques.
Justin Ligeri
Justin Ligeri is a trailblazer who achieved unprecedented online retail success when he became the first person ever to sell over $1 million worth of product in one day on Amazon.

His proprietary skills, systems, and processes turned an initial $40 investment into almost $200 million in Amazon sales in six years and top-ranked him on Inc. magazine's 500 lists of fastest-growing private companies.

Today, he teaches others how to apply the methodology he pioneered to create their online retail success, commanding training fees up to $100,000.00.

Janelle Page
Janelle Page is the CEO and Founder of KickFire Marketing, CEO and Co-Founder of KickFire Classics, NutriScience Naturals, and eCommerce Wranglers “Giddy up! Let’s ride!”

After working as a freelance marketer, she helped double sales at PROGENEX and secure a multi-year contract as the official supplement sponsor of the CrossFit Games, and, finally, starting her own full-blown, boutique marketing agency, KickFire Marketing. For the past several years, she and her partners have run several successful online stores including KickFire Classics (a company committed to manufacturing and selling toys that encourage active play) and NutriScience Naturals (a supplement company that recently launched Svêlo, a meal replacement weight loss shake). 

A highly sought-after consultant passionate about helping business owners grow their business, Janelle has been profiled in Small Business Trendsetters and featured in Business Innovators Magazine for her business acumen and marketing expertise. She looks forward to sharing a little bit of her vast knowledge and experience with you. “Let’s go, partners!”

Elena Saris
Elena Saris is the co-founder of Source In Asia, the premier China sourcing trip that matches ecommerce sellers with their own sourcing agents in order to rapidly scale their business. A criminal defense attorney by day, she manages her own successful private label ecommerce business and partners with wholesalers and inventors to get their products ranked on Amazon. 

She specializes in sourcing from the Yiwu Marketplace, the largest small commodities marketplace in the world with over 70,000 vendors, known as the “secret honey hole” by marketers generating over $1million dollars in sales per month. 

Elena has worked with and consulted some of the most successful Amazon sellers in the business and participated in ecommerce masterminds all over the world. In her spare time, if you can believe she has any, she uses her skills as a former writer and stand up comic to consult on TV courtroom dramas for CBS.
Traian & Stefania Turcu
Stefania and Traian Turcu started their first Amazon business in July 2015. One year later they sold it for over $500,000, even though it only consisted of a single product. They've since started 2 new brands, each with 8 products.

When they're not working on scaling their business, they look for Amazon bugs and hacks they can exploit for short-term profits. Traian has been a return speaker on the Illuminati Mastermind monthly training webinars, and he continues to blow minds every time he presents. Expect nothing less when you see him on stage in the Riviera Maya.

Robb Green
Robb Green is father, husband, and a serial entrepreneur who mixes sarcasm, wit, and a smidge of patience in all of his endeavors.

Robb has sold more than $10 Million dollars on his own ecommerce site and is currently selling $450k/ month on Amazon in less than 2 years after selling his first private label product.

Rob's mind moves lightning fast, but he has a way to convey technical strategies in a manner that everybody understands. Robb will share his plan to sell $1 million per month by the end of the year and actionable steps to reach your goals.

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